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    • Pascalstraße 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany
    • Company registry: Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 79450
    • Int. VAT No. DE 211 045 709

    Contact: imprint@free-hidrive.com, no support with this email-address.
    Please use to the "Contact Us" form or have a look at the HiDrive Dev-Community if you are a registered developer.

    General HiDrive-Community: If you have any question concerning STRATO HiDrive itself, please refer to the HiDrive community (powered by getsatisfaction): http://community.free-hidrive.com/hidrive

    • Dr. Christian Böing (chairman)
    • Christoph Steffens
    • René Wienholtz
    Supervisory Board
    • Vicente Vento (chairman)
    • Katharina Hollender
    • Hans Panse