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Thread: CORS Support (Bug_ID: #1684)

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    CORS Support (Bug_ID: #1684)

    This topic concerns an approved BUG in our API Support for CORS.

    Our API as of Version 2.1-24 is missing the [OPTIONS] HTTP Method required for full support of CORS. This leads to Problems especially when using Firefox to run a javascript app from a non-proxied server or on your local machine.

    Currently the API responds to calls for "OPTIONS /<endpoint>" with a 404 instead of a valid response providing required "Allowed: ..." header information.

    The bug is approved by the dev-team and taken into our ticketing system under ID #1684.

    This bug has been fixed with API 2.1-28
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    When should the CORS support be available?
    Is there a fixed date for the release with the CORS support?

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    I'll keep on promoting the issue to our Product Owner to be prioritized accordingly, but there is no fixed date yet.

    Since we are focused on a big, high priority feature at the moment, it might go into the release after the upcoming one, at best.
    So please bear with us for a moment in this case.

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    We fixed the Problem according to specifications. The attached simple example .html can be used to check the functionality and usage of CORS.

    Furthermore it might be used as an example on how to upload files to HiDrive with javascript.
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