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    Privilege/Access Limitations

    This is a feature request that arrived via email.

    The Idea was to allow for access restrictions to specific HiDrive Folders for apps. So a user might limit the access of an app to something like "/root/users/username/myappstuff".

    I'd like to ask you for your opinion on how deep/sophisticated you think we should implement privilege/access restrictions into the HiDrive API? What Limitations would make sense for you? Should access be limitable in-depth (endpoint based)? In Short, what privilege-systems would you want to see for a feature rich online storage API?

    We have some Ideas of our own, but we like to consider your ideas, as well.
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    World Readable Attribute

    I would like to have something like a public / world readable attribute for a file or a directory. One usecase for this could be to link an image on my website or in a forum for many years (and that the link does work after possible future changes to the privilege / access limitations of the hidrive storage API ; something like a direct link to an image stored on imageshack).

    The link should work as long as the file is stored in hidrive. The link should be independent from the normal access limitations so that I do not need access tokens or something like that. There should be no time-limit or number-of-downloads-limit. The public / world readable attribute should be part of the free-hidrive-package and there should be no limit on the number of files that can have the world readable attribute.

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    Are you suggesting something, much like our Sharelink feature, just without any limitations?

    We have an option for apps to utilize a portion of the HiDrive user's storage to exclusively store and publish contents. This would result in the contents getting a public unlimited direct link, as you described. Data related to that option can be retrieved using GET /2.1/app/me with fields private_folder, may_publish, publication_url.
    BUT since this feature would allow any app to render HiDrive sort of a static webhosting service (with all related issues), it is not yet active for any external app.
    A decision as to the requirements/restrictions of this "App Publication" is yet to be made by the management.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val View Post
    Are you suggesting something, much like our Sharelink feature, just without any limitations?
    I do not really mean without any limitations.
    The limitations should not hurt if used in a 'normal' way for the target group. For example if a user has a free hidrive account, the user should be able to sharelink e.g. his holiday pictures and the links should work for years and can be accessed on a normal private website (with 'normal private traffic') or if he/she links his pictures in a forum.

    The target is not to build a static webhosting service but to avoid that e.g. a free hidrive account user uses hidrive for his private stuff and if he wants to link his latest holiday pictures on his homepage or in a public forum he has to choose a different hosting service like imageshack.

    I do not know how to define limits (e.g. number of monthly downloads or monthly traffic bandwidth ONLY ON THE public sharelinks or ... ) to make this possible and prevent a static webhosting service, but it should be possible. The limits for a pro hidrive account should be higher to fit the professional user target group. But the lifetime of the link should be unlimited for all hidrive packages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin1ws View Post
    avoid that e.g. a free hidrive account user uses hidrive for his private stuff and if he wants to link his latest holiday pictures on his homepage or in a public forum he has to choose a different hosting service like imageshack.
    No, he does not. Even a Free HiDrive offers our Share Gallery feature, so he can easily create a nice gallery like this: to show his pictures to his friends and family.
    This gallery offers what you want.

    Eventually, you'll see share gallery controls added to our API, as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val View Post
    This gallery offers what you want.
    With the gallery I can share my photos only in the hidrive share gallery. At least I can only find the possibility to share a complete album.

    If I want to share photos, it will be most often in a forum. For example a commented stock chart in a discussion in a trader forum. Some months ago I used imageshack. But it was not really reliable. So if I want to share a photo in a forum today, I start my ftp programm, upload the image to my normal webspace of my website that has nothing to do with the image and then I look for the path to get manually a link to my image. Then I share the photo with the link to my normal webspace (and now I know, that the link works AS LONG AS my webspace works).

    This is a really ridiculous workflow if I have a online storage like hidrive. The online storage and the API should give me the possibility to link to my images that I want to be permanently world-readable in a easy way. And if the world-readable links are used in a way that is okay for the webspace it should be okay for the online storage as well.
    Of course I can use a different image hoster like or flickr next to hidrive. But I look for ONE online storage, that fits all my needs.
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    The HiDrive development does not aim on making HiDrive a fully featured web hosting service.
    If you want to make content (be it an image or anything else) permanently accessible on the internet, it is web hosting. (yes, the line is slim). We limit the expiration time for share features for security reasons, as well.

    However, the HiDrive API allows you to write e.g. a small php (or other) script, put it onto your webspace, configure it with your credentials and an easy-to-create refresh token for your HiDrive.
    The script just needs to get an URL-Parameter (say http(s)://, generate an access_token (/oauth2/token) and fire a GET /2.1/file API-Call and return the result.
    (possibly limit the parameter to images and add the preferred image-path, or do other security stuff...)

    Refresh_tokens are valid for 3 months after creation for security reasons, so you would just need to update that token manually 4 times a year.

    The API allows for various creative extensions and other usage scenarios of HiDrive way beyond what we are able or willing to implement within our product road-map.
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