There are two new API features added within this release. One of them enables access to more information; the other extends API usage options.
Several backend improvements and bug fixes are part of this release, as well.

/2.1/... changes
Type Endpoint Description
Feature GET /2.1/meta Parameter
returns additional image information if found in file meta-data. Returned values are DateTimeOriginal, Make, Model, ImageWidth, ImageHeight, ExifImageWidth, ExifImageHeight, Aperture, ExposureTime, ISO, FocalLength, Orientation, XResolution, YResolution, ResolutionUnit, BitsPerSample, GPSLatitude, GPSLongitude, GPSAltitude
Feature * /2.0/dir
* /2.0/file
* /2.0/file/archive
* /2.0/file/image
* /2.0/fs
* /2.0/mailupload
* /2.0/meta
* /2.0/sharelink
* /2.0/shareupload
Added new Parameter pid (string) representing a public ID of a directory or a file. Those IDs are persistent, but can be expired.
PIDs are intended to simplify dir/file usage and can be used to remove dependencies to encoding and special character handling.
Improvement * Database performance optimization.
Bugfix GET /2.1/meta Now returns correct set of information for files with user-altered filesystem permissions.