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Thread: API 2.1-26 (Release Date: 2013-12-18) "PATCH /2.1/file"

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    API 2.1-26 (Release Date: 2013-12-18) "PATCH /2.1/file"

    This release introduces a new feature (PATCH /2.1/file) to upload partial file contents and update existing files starting at a given offset point. (Detailed description can be found in the API Reference)
    Also a couple of bugfixes.

    /2.1/... changes
    Type Endpoint Description
    Feature PATCH /2.1/file New endpoint introduced. Handles partial uploads. This can be used to update specific parts of an existing file (e.g. for incremental updates, chunked uploads, ...)
    Bugfix POST /2.1/sharelink/info Return value for parameter fields=name is now URL-Encoded
    Bugfix POST /2.1/fs/move Fixed minor timing issues
    Bugfix GET /2.1/meta Errorous parameter fields=mailupload.ttl replaced with fields=mailupload.expires
    Bugfix GET /2.1/snapshot Fixed bug with path parameter and simmilar user aliases.
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