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Thread: API 2.1-28 (Release Date: 2014-04-15) "directory sharing"

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    API 2.1-28 (Release Date: 2014-04-15) "directory sharing"

    With this release a major new funcionality is introduced to the API. The so called "sharedir" feature (/share), which allows any user to share any directory inside his HiDrive. Furthermore the BUG #1684 (CORS support) has been fixed.

    /2.1/... changes
    Type Endpoint Description
    Feature * /2.1/share Set of new endpoints to manage the newly introduces directory sharing feature. Create/Edit/List/Delete shares.
    Notice: as of now, this endpoint only manages directory shares (sharedirs), which are following a new concept (see details below)
    Feature POST /2.1/share/token Public endpoint to retrieve an access_token for a given share-id (and optional password). If you want to create a sharedir interface, or access any data from sharedirs, you need to use this endpoint. (see details below)
    Feature DELETE /2.1/share/token New endpoint to revoke a share access_token.
    Improvement * /2.0/dir
    * /2.0/file
    * /2.0/file/archive
    * /2.0/file/image
    * /2.0/fs
    * /2.0/mailupload
    * /2.0/meta
    * /2.0/sharelink
    * /2.0/shareupload
    * /2.0/share
    Parameter 'path' may now be shortened to '/...'. E.g.
        path='/' == path='root'
        path='/public' == path='root/public'
        path='/users/foobar' == path='root/users/foobar'
    The returned path answer
    (Future major versions of the API are likely to require paths to be given in a shortened way)
    Improvement all endpoints Endpoints now have additional "capability" checks. The API-Reference "Method Documentation" was extended accordingly. (see details below)
    Bugfix OPTIONS /2.1/* ALL API endpoints now answer to valid CORS OPTIONS requests in the way describes it.
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