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Thread: Shareupload limits?

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    Shareupload limits?

    I am using for uploads (used in a html-form for webbrowser-upload).
    There seem to be problems with very large uploads (> 2GB).

    Are there any limits (size, timeout, ...) for uploading files with shareupload?
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    There are many limitations to shareuploads, but most of them are based on tariff and user settings (maxcount, ttl, maxsize).
    See the POST /shareupload API reference for details.

    maxsize (optional) Type: number
    Maximum upload file-size in bytes.
    An empty or unset value sets maxsize to the actual upload maximum, which is 2^31-1 (= 2147483647) bytes.
    However, the general maximum exists due to POST size limitations in common browsers (IE, FF...), which mostly don't allow for Uploads >2GB.

    If you want to upload large files using the API, we recommend the POST /file and PATCH /file (partial uploads) endpoints.

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