The release introduces a bunch of bugfixes and updates/corrections to the API documentation and API reference interface.

/2.1/... changes
Type Endpoint Description
Improvement PUT /2.1/share If a parameter "password" is given, thus changing the password of an existing share, all active sessions with the old password will get invalidated.
Bugfix POST /oauth2/tokeninfo
POST /oauth2/token/revoke
Implemented propper CORS handling (see for details).
Notice, that both /oauth2/authorize and /oauth2/token are not ment to be called in CORS context and therefore do not answer to CORS requests
Bugfix GET /2.1/status/disabled Returns valid information again.
Bugfix PUT /2.1/zone If parameter "quota" is given and happens to be less than the amount of used space, a propper ERROR 400 is thrown. (was 500)
{ "msg": "Bad Request: setting property failed (size is less than current used or reserved space)", "code": "400" }
Bugfix <API Reference> The API "Method Playground" has been fixed to support test-requests to "binary data" endpoints (e.g. GET /2.1/file or GET /2.1/file/thumbnail.