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Thread: API 2.1-39 (Release Date: 2014-12-18) "POST /file/truncate and OAuth2 updates"

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    API 2.1-39 (Release Date: 2014-12-18) "POST /file/truncate and OAuth2 updates"

    The release features new file and directory manipulation endpoints, as well as a new frontend for the OAuth2 authentication system and a new OAuth2 refresh_token validity concept.
    There are also a couple of bugfixes and improvements to existing endpoints.

    /2.1/... changes
    Type Endpoint Description
    Feature POST /2.1/file/truncate This new endpoint allows developers to change the size of a file to a given value.
    This is especially useful when combined with chunked updates via PATCH /2.1/file.
    Feature PATCH /2.1/meta Another newly introduced endpoint that provides the means to change the meta data of a given file or directory.
    At the moment mtime is the only meta value that can be changed.
    Improvement OAuth2 Authentication This change removes the need to manually re-authorize a frequently used app.
    Any OAuth2 refresh_token with a remaining validity of less than 55 days will now get extended to 60 days, if used to successfully create an access_token.
    The default for newly created refresh_token is also 60 days (down from 3 months).
    This change also applies to currently valid refresh_token.
    Improvement OAuth2 Authentication A new frontend for the /oauth2/authorize endpoint has been deployed to increase overall usability and compatibility on mobile devices.
    Improvement PATCH /file It is now possible to write data chunks to files with an offset behind the current EOF.
    Notice, that this can create so-called "sparse files", so use with caution.
    Bugfix GET /file/thumbnail
    POST /file/image/*
    Handling of files with '%%' in path corrected.
    Bugfix POST /2.1/fs/copy Copying a file or folder into its own parent directory, using parameter "on_exist=autoname" (which is essentially duplicating a file or directory) does now work as expected.
    Bugfix POST /2.1/dir/rename
    POST /2.1/dir/copy
    POST /2.1/dir/move
    POST /2.1/file
    PUT /2.1/file
    POST /2.1/file/rename
    POST /2.1/file/copy
    POST /2.1/file/move
    POST /2.1/fs/copy
    POST /2.1/fs/move
    POST /2.1/sharelink/download/home
    POST /2.1/shareupload/upload
    The autonaming functionality on all of the listed endpoints has been revisited and corrected where necessary.
    Bugfix PUT /2.1/user
    GET /2.1/share
    Fixed a bug that could lead to invalid share directories after user rename.
    Improvement API reference We started working on improving the API reference. Expect to see more of this in the future
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