This release is focused on bugfixes and introduces a new parameter for shares.

/2.1/... changes
Type Endpoint Description
Feature GET /2.1/share/info New Endpoint for publicly available information on a given share introduced. Currently the returned set consists of "has_password", to indicate password-protected shares and "has_sharekey" to indicate a share with a sharekey.
Feature POST /2.1/share
PUT /2.1/share
Both endpoints have a new "sharekey" parameter to allow for a special key to be set. This key is related to an upcoming functionality.
Feature GET /2.1/share
POST /2.1/share/token
Both endpoints now also return the information keys "sharekey" and "has_sharekey" upon request.
Bugfix GET /file/thumbnail Fixed an issue with pid and thumbnail dimensions.
Bugfix GET /2.1/status/disabled Returns valid information again.
Bugfix * /2.1/zone Minor performance fixes.