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Thread: access token - can't establish a session

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    access token - can't establish a session


    I've got a problem establishing a session when creating apps. Basically, for some reasons, the example apps given by the hidrive-sdk aren't even working for me.
    After logging in to the cloud storage I get the authorisation token that would allow me to get access to the account. But shouldn't the given token be handled by the / OAuthTokenManager?

    I'm sure the solution to the problem is very simple and I am just missing one little detail, but I just can't figure it out.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Hi pflip,

    I assume you have registered your app under the same developer name. In this case I may have an answer.
    You have registered a "native" type app for use with the "oob" workflow, which is intended for applications without access to localhost. Therefore, the "code" will be displayed in the browser.

    The Android-SDK is able and intended to handle localhost-redirects, so it needs the app to be registered for a redirect to localhost:<PORT>.

    If you could send me a localhost:<PORT> and your client_id (not client_secret) as confirmation to our SUPPORT EMAIL, I'll change this for you. (Please do not post your credential to this public forum, as well.)

    The Android SDK should work after that.

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