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Thread: parallel access and POST /2.1/file/archive/download

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    parallel access and POST /2.1/file/archive/download

    When using HiDrive with multiple clients there is a chance for parallel filesystem interactions to produce unexpected results for POST /2.1/file/archive/download.

    If you request to download some files and directories, say in /public/music and another user either deletes or adds content into that directory, the streamed zip-file and it's contents might be affected by those actions. This can result in empty or altered content, which might be unexpected by some users.

    Verifying the contents of the ZIP archive client-side after the download is complete is one way to detect the problem.

    The most predictable result is achieved by following these steps:
    1. Create a manual snapshot (POST /2.1/snapshot) covering the intended source data,
    2. Verify that the snapshot actually contains the intended data
    3. Request the streamed ZIP archive for the data from the snapshot
    4. Delete the snapshot.

    NOTE: Manual snapshots are not available in all tariffs, see GET /2.1/features for details.
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