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Thread: Does HiDrive support server-side notification when data is changed?

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    Does HiDrive support server-side notification when data is changed?


    Is that possible to get change list from HiDrive REST API?

    For example, If I use "change" API after create a new folder "foobar", I can receive the response like this { "foobar": {"mtime": xxxxx, "name": /user/XXX/foobar" ...}

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    as the actual caller of POST /2.1/dir, you will always get the data of the newly created folder in the response.

    However, we are currently working on a new feature, based on websockets, that will do exactly what you wish. You'll be able to get notified about changes to the HiDrive data from any source.

    Due to the extensive nature of the functionality we're building, you can expect an official release around Q3-Q4 this year.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Any news of this feature?

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    actually, as of now the API already supports change notification for clients and provides all features/endpoints that are necessary to implement client/server synchronization. As this was a major update, we have rolled out the necessary changes in a step-by-step fashion over the past months and announced this as a feature to the public only last month.

    The last step is preparing and updating the related API documentation which is what we are currently working on.

    The gist is that HiDrive now provides hierarchical hashes that are updated in real-time whenever data changes. Comparing locally generated hashes with the server's allows a client to efficiently detect changed data. A client can subscribe to a websocket service to be notified about changes in one or more (sub-)trees of the filesystem. Whenever a change occurs in a subscribed tree, the server-side will "ring the client's doorbell" and send the new top-level hashes.

    Please note that this solution does not provide a "list of changes" that is kept server-side and is complete. Instead the client can request data from the API necessary to construct a list of changes that happened server-side as compared to the current state of the local side.
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