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Thread: Is there any limitation of get zone?

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    Is there any limitation of get zone?


    I noticed that get zone example return 3 zones "root", "users" and "home".

    I tried to use "method playground" to get my zones, there is only one result which is "root".

    Is there any limitation of get zone? (I got my token with scope admin,rw)

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    Sorry, I still have other question.

    How could I have the permission of manual snapshot? My current value is 0

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    the amount of "zones" a HiDrive user can have (as well as the manual snapshot permission) is related to the individual tariff.
    Some, like the free 5GB package, offer only one zone, which is 'root'. Larger, especially multi-user tariffs offer more zones besides 'root', for example one for every user's home directory.

    This is more of a technical side-effect than an actual limitation. We want you to be able to set individual quota-limitations for every user in your HiDrive. Quotas and Zones are closely related. That's why there can be one or many zones.

    Hope this answers your question.

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