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Thread: C# REST Library

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    C# REST Library


    first of all, thanks for the REST Library. That's a great feature of the HiDrive Storage. And now I can write my own Synchronization Client .

    Currently I'm working on a c# REST Library. As of today I can:
    - Login to storage
    - Receive Authorization Code
    - Receive Access- and Refresh-Tokens
    - Update Refresh Token
    - Receive Directory-Structure
    - Upload Files

    The Login-Mechanism is implemented in WPF using CEFSharp (Chromium Embedded Framework), the other parts are written in plain C#.

    If anyone is interested in this library or needs some help with his own development, I'm pleased to share my experiences.
    Just send an e-mail to

    I guess, I will also write some articles in the next weeks. After having cleaned up my WPF code (I'm such a bad WPF developer )

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    I'm not the initiatior of this thread but I'd like to share my HiDrive .Net SDK code.

    Today I published version 0.1.0 with basic operations. You can find the project page here:

    Feel free to ask question, work on the code or create Pull Request.


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    HI Kyrodan,

    you did a nice job on this SDK. It's much better than mine. Sadly we made some different Object model choices, so it's not easy for me to adapt your SDK. After I added some functions to my program, I guess I will include your SDK.

    Kind regards,

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