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    Upload Code 404


    I try to upload a text file to my home dir and get the following error:

    ServiceException: Code: 404
    Message: Not Found: object (public id b1480340868.15286, path root/users/MyUserName): No such file or Directory

    I checked on the developer referenz my token and everything works fine. Here is the c# part (console app). The variables home and homeid are correctly.

    private static async Task UploadFile(HiDriveClient client){
    var fields = new[] { User.Fields.Alias, User.Fields.Account, User.Fields.HomeId, User.Fields.Home };
    var user = await client.User
    var homeId = user.HomeId;
    var home = user.Home;

    var stream = File.OpenRead(@"C:\Users\MyUserName\Desktop\myfile .txt");

    var file = await client.File
    .Upload("myfile.txt", home, homeId)
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    Analysis is hard without knowing what client.File.Upload() actually does. It would be helpful if you could provide the actual request/response pair that triggers the error.

    Apart from that, home and home_id reference the same directory: home as a literal path (root/users/MyUserName) and home_id as a path identifier (b1480340868.15286) so it is not clear as to why both parameters are provided to Upload().
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